About Cartel

The Cartel Couple

Meet Amanda And Ezra - Married with 2 young boys - they have their hands and their warehouse full!

The Cartel story begins with Amanda a Chartered Accountant by profession on maternity leave from her high flying corporate job in 2015. After the birth of her first son Carter, she noticed her home was full of floral arrangements brought back from the hospital that were all starting to wilt at the same time. They were thrown out and there was no remnant left to mark the special milestone of her baby being born.

Sitting watching TV late one night feeding young Carter, Amanda had her lightbulb moment “Ezra what if we could arrange flowers in a luxury round box that is personalised with a message” - she got a black fine line marker and mocked up on an A4 piece of paper the idea she had in her head. The Cartel Flowers idea was born at this moment. 

Making the decision not to return to work after Carter - Amanda knew she had to turn the idea a reality and got to work.

Instagram was a new platform and was where the business first got its real exposure - then it went off with a BANG! Cartel was officially the WORLD FIRST PERSONALISED FLOWER business.

Fast forward to 2023 with over 100k followers on Social Media and a customer base reaching as far as Hollywood celebrities.

Cartel Flowers is always working on new ways to better their business bringing new ideas to the market.