The Cartel ways to say "I love you"

5 ways to say 'I love you' with Cartel Flowers
Find out our top 5 ways to say ‘I love you’ with Cartel Flowers. 
Flowers are always a nice addition to your desk, your home or your day. Fresh blooms that say ‘I love you’ … I mean who doesn’t want to hear that! Gifting flowers is such a great way to let your lover know that they are on your mind.
But sometimes it can come out like this: 
‘I love you… take these flowers. You like flowers right?!’
So we’ve put together a list of ways to say ‘I love you’ in the best way. Here’s our top 5 ways to weave the ‘I love you’ flowers into your special someone's day!
You’re just beautiful
Classic roses are always a winner and the added treat of a personalised box will send you straight to lover heaven. Say ‘I love you’ with some Fresh roses and a personalised box to make an extra special statement. These beautiful thoughtful boxes are what we are known for!
You’re forever
They say diamonds are forever but what if we told you our Lasting roses also are forever. Well, almost forever. These specially preserved flowers have an everyday fresh look and require no water or maintenance. Get a box of lasting roses and choose from a variety of colours including light pink, black velvet and baby blue. Available in both gift box and long boxes.
Just for you
There is nothing better than having a personalised keepsake to remind you of how loved you are. Discover one of our Personalised vases and choose your text then fill it with flowers for an extra blush of love. The perfume style vase is perfect for roses or hydrangeas or any other feminine florals.
Just Because
The sweetest gifts are often the ones you don’t expect. Coming home to a little treat or a delivery to work is enough to make anyone smile. Give a Gift box filled with tiny love notes or a movie ticket stub from your first date! Make your loves day with a monochrome magic box made especially for them!
 Yours to choose
Sometimes you just can’t decide, and that is why the shopping gods gave us gifts cards. Say ‘I love you’ as well as ‘get yourself whatever you want' by giving a Gift card. It’s the best of both worlds with the idea of ‘its the thought that counts’ and the gift they want.  
Check out some of the great ways others have said ‘I love you’ with Cartel Flowers. Or let us know how you did it, by sharing your photos with us.
There’s one more thing we want you to know before you fill your shopping cart with personalised blooms. All our products are made with love and we know you are going to adore our personalised flowers!
Cartel flowers are proudly the first-ever personalised flower box company, in the world! Learn more about Cartel Flowers or contact us today for personalised flowers and gifts.

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