What are Lasting Roses anyway?

If you follow us on Instagram or you’ve scrolled through our website, you may have seen the words ‘Lasting Roses’ come up in our product range. But what in the world are Lasting Roses anyway?!
You may have heard these also called ‘eternity roses’, ‘everlasting roses’ or ‘forever roses’ and if you haven’t heard of them before, let us explain what this product actually is and let us tell you why you should buy them for your next gift!
Our Lasting Roses are what we call ‘preserved roses’ and their name simply comes from the fact that they last years. That’s right, years!! Unlike fresh cut flowers, these beautiful roses will stay in the same perfect condition that you receive them for years after your initial purchase.
‘Oh, so they’re fake flowers?’ Nope!
These are real fresh roses that have been cut at the stem and treated at their prime through revolutionary technology to maintain their fresh appearance day after day. We source only the best quality lasting roses and have a large range of different colours to choose from, including colours that are difficult to find in fresh roses such as black velvet and light blue.
And the best part? Other than a light dust from time to time and ensuring that the roses are kept out of direct sunlight or heat, these roses require absolutely no water or maintenance for their lifetime!
We know how exciting it is to receive beautiful fresh roses from loved ones, most often celebrating a special event or achievement… But how sad is it when you have to throw the flowers out once they start to droop, wilt and die after just a few weeks?! Especially when they are quite expensive.
This is the beauty of Lasting Roses, they will stay gorgeous for years after the occasion they were gifted for, continuously brightening the day of the recipient and reminding them how special they are.  
Our Lasting Roses look amazing in our round arrangements, our long-standing monochrome gift box or in our luxe acrylic storage boxes and are loved by thousands of Cartel customers all around the world!

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