What Flowers Should I Choose For A Death In Geelong/Melbourne?

Sympathy flowers convey a profound message of comfort and support to those who are grieving. In times of loss and sorrow, the choice of flowers can be a source of solace and remembrance. 

What Type of Flowers Should I Select For The Day?

The type of flowers you choose for sympathy should be guided by the preferences of the deceased and their family, as well as cultural considerations. You can opt for traditional choices like lilies, roses, or carnations, or select flowers that held special meaning for the departed. White is the most commonly chosen colour for funeral flowers. White symbolises purity, innocence, and peace. 

Should I get a vase, box or bouquet? 

  • Vase: Sending sympathy flowers in a vase adds a practical touch. The family can easily display and care for the arrangement. A personalised vase can become a lasting keepsake, a reminder of your support and sympathy.
  • Box: A personalised box can be a beautiful and versatile choice. It can contain a bouquet or arrangement of flowers along with a heartfelt note or other items. The box can serve as a memento, offering a safe place to keep condolences cards or cherished memories.
  • Bouquet: Sending a sympathy bouquet is a classic choice. It offers a traditional and elegant way to convey your condolences. Consider attaching a personalised card with a heartfelt message to make the gesture even more meaningful.

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