What Flowers Should I Choose For Their Birthday in Melbourne/Geelong?

Choosing personalised flowers for a birthday gift is a wonderful way to make the recipient feel special and appreciated. The choice of flowers should reflect the recipient's preferences, personality, and the message you want to convey. These are great for a:

  • 21st Birthday
  • 40th Birthday
  • 50th Birthday
  • 16th Birthday
  • 18th Birthday
  • Or just your standard birthday each year.

What Type Of Flowers Should I Select For Their Birthday?

  • Recipient's Favourite Colours: If you know the recipient's favourite colours, that's a great starting point. Gifting flowers in their preferred hues shows thoughtfulness.
  • Occasion: Consider the nature of the birthday celebration. Is it a milestone birthday, like a 30th or 50th? Milestone birthdays often call for more celebratory and elaborate arrangements. These can be seen in our variety of Mixed Arrangements that we offer.

Should I get a vase, box or bouquet? 

  • Bouquet: Depending on the budget you have in mind, bouquets are a great entry level gift. Our beautiful wrapping elevates the flowers inside and creates a gift that WOWS.
  • Vase: A personalised vase is an excellent choice if you want to leave a lasting impression. Personalising the vase with a special message, their name, or the date off their birthday can make it even more special.
  • Personalised Box: A personalised box really is the ultimate WOW. After the life of the blooms, it can be used to hold meaningful keepsakes from the day. 

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