Where To Buy Personalised Flowers in Melbourne/Geelong?

Who Are Cartel Flowers?

Founded in 2015, Cartel Flowers is an Australian-first luxury flower company offering lines of personalised boxes and vases, housing varieties of fresh blooms, silk flowers, dried arrangements, liquor boxes and more. Creators Amanda and Ezra Kereama began the business in Geelong following the birth of their son Carter Cruz. The significant occasion presented a gap in the market when Amanda noticed many of the flowers she received with an absence of a label- creating confusion with who they were from. The duo’s goal was to introduce a new luxurious option to the gifting/flower market- offering a tailored gift that can be personalised for any need or occasion. From there the first personalised flower gift box was born, setting a trend for many in the flower and gifting industry.

Where Do Cartel Flowers Deliver?

Currently Cartel Flowers operates in Geelong and services fresh flowers all across Melbourne. We also offer faux and lasting options internationally for the global market.

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