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The 'Adore Her' Bundle

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Shower her with love, with The "Adore Her" Bundle – A Symphony of Premium Pink Reflexed Roses, in a complimentary vase with a thoughtful personalised touch.

Celebrate the glue of our families - our Mum's - with our latest creation, The "Adore Her" Bundle. At Cartel Flowers, we believe every gesture for Mum should be as grand as the loves Mum shows us. Elevating the traditional gift of flowers with a modern twist, we offer two enchanting options to express your appreciation. Choose from a dozen premium pink reflexed roses, or double the affection with two dozen roses – a truly captivating display that goes beyond words.

Perfect for Mother's Day, Birthdays, to say 'Thank You,' or for any occasion to spoil a loved one... The "Adore Her" Bundle is more than just flowers – it's a heartfelt experience wrapped in elegance.

Optional Personalised Polaroids: A Touch of Thoughtfulness

To further personalise your "Adore Her" Bundle - now exclusively at Cartel Flowers only - add a personalised polaroid package to your blooms! Upload your chosen photos for that extra special touch. The polaroids can remain nestled within the arrangement, adding a thoughtful layer of personalisation, or easily removed to grace a mantelpiece, bedside table, or any cherished space.

Premium Pink Reflexed Roses - Now in a Stylish Carry Bag Arrangement

One dozen of the finest, extra premium roses lovingly reflexed by hand and presented in a modern, stunning shopping bag arrangement - the bag features a chic pink ribbon handle. As a hallmark of our brand, each arrangement proudly showcases the iconic Cartel Flowers branding inside and outside the bag.

Complimentary Glass Vase for Effortless Display

Inside the chic bag, discover a complimentary glass vase measuring 16cm high, thoughtfully chosen to showcase your stunning pink reflexed roses. This addition to your arrangement - at no extra charge, ensures effortless display once the bouquet is received. The classic combination of the pink reflexed roses against the clear glass vase creates a timeless visual display that speaks volumes of love and sophistication.

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