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No. Edition Vase + Dried Arrangenement + Vase

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Arranged in our ever popular No. Edition 'Chanel' Inspired Vase (regular size) - add any personalisation you like, including the colour, wording etc. 

Gorgeous real fresh hydrangeas and mixed foliage that will last years and years!

- NO water

- NO maintenance 

- NO sadly throwing your blooms in the bin when they're dead

Makes for the perfect gift, or statement piece for your home!

Vase Size:

- Regular: 17cm high and wide | opening 10cm x 4cm. 

**Please note, whilst these arrangements use a mix of gorgeous hydrangeas which have been dried and preserved to last years, they are still a real (once fresh) product of Mother Nature - so colours, styles and exact shapes and sizes may differ from arrangement to arrangement. 

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The Perfect Gift

Beautiful preserved flowers that don't need water. Flowers will last for forever. The perfect gift.