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In The Bag

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"In The Bag" – A Romantic Symphony in Red Roses

Indulge in the essence of romance with our latest creation, "In The Bag". At Cartel Flowers, we understand that every romantic gesture deserves to be unique. Elevating the classic gesture of love with a modern twist, we offer you two enchanting options to express your affection. Choose from a dozen romantic red roses, or double the declaration of love with two dozen roses – a truly captivating display that transcends the ordinary expression of affection.  

Perfect for Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, an "I'm sorry", or for any occasion that calls for an expression of love... 'In The Bag' is more than just flowers – it's a romantic experience wrapped in sophistication.

Optional Personalised Polaroid: A Display of Thoughtfulness:

To further enhance the impact of your "In The Bag" arrangement - and newly exclusive to Cartel Flowers - we are offering the option to add personalised polaroids. Upload your chosen photos and your names for that very special extra touch! The polaroids can remain nestled within the arrangement, adding a thoughtful layer of personalisation, or easily removed to grace your room, bedside table, or any cherished space.

The Classic Red Roses - Now in a Chic Carry Bag Arrangement:

Presented in a modern, stunning shopping bag arrangement, the bag is customised with an on-trend frayed edge pink linen handle. As a distinctive mark of our brand, each arrangement proudly bears the iconic Cartel Flowers branding both inside and outside of the bag. 

 Complimentary Glass Vase for Effortless Display:

Inside the chic bag, discover a complimentary glass vase measuring 16cm high, thoughtfully chosen to house your stunning red roses. The addition to your arrangement - at no extra charge, ensures effortless display once the bouquet is received. The classic combination of the red roses against the clear glass vase creates a classic visual display that speaks volumes of love and style.

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Customer Reviews

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Mathew Holt

Can’t thank Cartel flowers enough for their quality and service.
I was recommended this item for my wife on Valentine’s Day and it was perfect.
The added personal touch of photos with a little text just sets it apart from any ordinary bunch of roses.
Amazing! Thank you.