We've all heard the different wives’ tales on how to best look after your flowers at home and what to add to the water... "vodka!" "a little sugar!" "vinegar!" "a dash of bleach!" ....Eeeek!

Let's keep it simple because most cut flowers, including ours, only need simple care! And whatever you do - no bleach in the water please... save it for your hair.


  • We don't provide those little packets of flower food. They are used to try and keep the water clean and kill bacteria because ultimately dirty water is what's gonna kill your blooms. BUT we don't want you to throw in a packet of food and forget about your blooms, we want you to just CAREFULLY change the water every 2-3 days avoiding any spillage or drips on the box. This will make your flowers last much longer!
  • To change the water please carefully lift up the flowers from below the paper and then reach your hand into the box to pull out the internal vase taking care not to spill any water into the box when removing and reinserting the internal vase and flowers. 
  • While you're changing the water if you have time, you can give the internal vase a quick clean. No harsh detergents please!
  • Please DO NOT just pour water over the flowers or into the side of the box. 
  • We've done all the hard work and trimmed and cleaned the stems of every single roses you receive. What you don't want is any foliage or petals in the water. If somehow some has fallen in, get those bad boys out of there and refill the internal vase with fresh water.
  • Put your blooms on display because let's face it - they're incredible! ...But please keep them out of direct sunlight and away from strong breezes from aircon, open doors, window and/or heaters etc.
  • Random fact.... Fruit release ethylene (a gas) which your blooms HATE! So that means fruit and roses don't mix. Chocolate covered strawberries are ok.
  • Some roses will bloom quicker than others - they're all individuals just like us. If you see any deteriorating blooms or bruised petals letting the team down, remove them by cutting the stem from below the head or very gently pluck off the petal in question. Please don't try to pull out an individual rose. You might ruin the arrangement, and we're sure you can't be bothered trying to get all those roses back together in perfect formation!

If you're still reading because you really really love your flowers and will do anything to look after them... we love that about you, so thanks! If you're still reading just 'coz... but you're actually a little lazy... just change the water every 2-3 days ok babe!

Happy blooming and don't forget to 'Show Us Your Blooms' on Insta!

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