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Flower Care

Fresh Roses in Water



We don't provide those little packets of flower food. They are used to try and keep the water clean and kill bacteria because ultimately dirty water is what's gonna kill your blooms. BUT we don't want you to throw in a packet of food and forget about your blooms, we want you to just CAREFULLY change the water every 1-3 days avoiding any spillage or drips on the box. This will make your flowers last much longer!  To change the water please carefully lift up the flowers from below the paper and then reach your hand into the box to pull out the internal vase taking care not to spill any water into the box when removing and reinserting the internal vase and flowers. While you're changing the water if you have time, you can give the internal vase a quick clean. No harsh detergents please! 

Please DO NOT just pour water over the flowers or into the side of the box. We've done all the hard work and trimmed and cleaned the stems of every single roses you receive. What you don't want is any foliage or petals in the water. If somehow some has fallen in, get those bad boys out of there and refill the internal vase with fresh water. Put your blooms on display because let's face it - they're incredible! ...But please keep them out of direct sunlight and away from strong breezes from aircon, open doors, window and/or heaters etc. Random fact.... Fruit release ethylene (a gas) which your blooms HATE! 

Some roses will bloom quicker than others - they're all individuals just like us. If you see any deteriorating blooms or bruised petals letting the team down, remove them by cutting the stem from below the head or very gently pluck off the petal in question. Please don't try to pull out an individual rose. You might ruin the arrangement, and we're sure you can't be bothered trying to get all those roses back together in perfect formation! 

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Preserved/Long Lasting Roses


Our long lasting roses are real roses that have been cut at their prime and then treated and preserved to last one year (usually longer) without any maintenance at all, other than a light dust from time to time! So amazing!

No need to water them.
Don't expose to direct sunlight or heat to minimise fading.
Don't remove them from the box.
Colour may fade over time, some breakage of/small cracks in the outer petals is normal.

Enjoy! With love, from Cartel xoxo

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Shipping & Delivery

Where do you deliver? Do you offer worlwide shipping?

YES! We are based in Victoria, Australia and now finally we are available worldwide...yay! 

Enjoy your Cartel products for years to come with our long lasting roses and special personalised designs! 

Please browse our Worldwide Range for products available to ship worldwide!

Fresh Blooms - Currently we deliver fresh blooms within inner Victoria, Australia only. 

We can however send our Lasting Roses anywhere in the world! 

How long does delivery take?

(i) International orders, worldwide shipping outside of Australia

- We have a 1 to 3 business day handling time. Orders are however sent off ASAP and once in the mail will arrive between 3-10 business days. Tracking link provided.

(ii) Local VIC, Australia deliveries

- For orders of fresh flowers within VIC, Australia, we will deliver your order on the date selected at checkout. 

- Note: We have a 2 business day lead time. Ie: Order on a Wednesday (by midnight AEST) and the earliest delivery date shown at checkout will be Friday... 2 business days from the date you are placing the order. 

- On the day of delivery you will receive a confirmation email (and text message if subscribed) once your order has been delivered so that you'll know it has arrived to the recipient. 

(iii) Interstate orders within Australia

- We have a 1 to 3 business day handling time. Orders are however sent off ASAP and once in the mail will arrive between 1-5 business days. Tracking link provided.

What happens if no one is home at the time of my delivery?

(i) Intertstate & Worldwide deliveries:

All orders sent in the mail are sent with Australia Post. For international customers, Australia Post then hands over the delivery to your local postal service. In most events if no one is home at the time of delivery your item will be taken to your local post office for your collections with a notification usually left at your door/in your mail box. Some postal services will contact customers via text message on the day of delivery to confirm your delivery preference (ie - ok to leave unattended, take to the post office etc). 

(ii) Local hand deliveries within VIC, Australia:

As we have very busy days spreading the Cartel Love all around Melbourne, Geelong and the Surf Coast, our couriers will do their best to make contact with you/the recipient on arrival via the contact number provided with your order if no one answers the door. If they have no luck, the blooms will be left in the safest area and undercover if possible. Note - delivery address redirection is generally not possible so please ensure you nominate an address at which the receiver will be available at all day or where the delivery can be left safe if no one is home.

No responsibility is taken for the blooms once they have been delivered. You will receive a delivery confirmation email once blooms have been delivered. 

How far in advance do I have to place my order?

(i) Local VIC, Australia deliveries for FRESH Roses:

- Our website has a built in 2-day lead time for all orders placed. You will be asked to select your delivery date at checkout. 

- However, should you require a delivery within this time, please contact us ASAP at or via the 'Contact Us' tab to arrange delivery. We will do our best to accommodate all orders. Rush fees may apply. 

(ii) Interstate/Worldwide Deliveries

- Our website will not allow you to select your delivery date as your items will be mailed out so we won't have control over the exact day and time it will be delivered. See above for shipping and handling times. 

- Interstate orders within Australia: Please contact us if you'd like to upgrade to express shipping on your order. Additional fees may apply. 

(Local, VIC Australia) How far out of Melbourne CBD do you deliver, and what about regional Victoria?

Our standard flat rate courier fee of $18.95 covers a radius of 20km from the Melbourne CBD, and also includes Geelong & The Surfcoast and surrounds. 

Should you wish to place an order, but are based outside of our standard delivery zone, we can arrange delivery with one of our external couriers on Monday-Friday (additional charges apply).

Alternatively you might like to have your order delivered to a Melbourne based friend, or family member, that you can personally make arrangements with to pick up from or meet half way once your order has been delivered. 

Please note our Worldwide Range can be mailed anywhere, Australia & Worldwide with no additional charges. 

*Important - Specific delivery suburbs and postcodes are included/excluded are at the discretion of Cartel Flowers & our couriers. 

We calculate the delivery radius KMs as the fastest route from the CBD using our courier's route planning software - you can use "Where Is" to check your distance from the CBD. Please be sure to select "Fastest Route". 

Additional charges will apply for delivery to some suburbs that sit on or close to the border of our delivery zone.

(Local, VIC Australia) Can I specify an exact delivery time for hand deliveries with the Cartel Courier?

We cannot guarantee an exact delivery time as you might appreciate. Please feel free to leave a window of time or AM/PM preference in the notes on your order however, and we will do our best to accommodate.

If you require your blooms by a very specific time or for the morning of an event, please contact us via email so we can discuss the best delivery options to ensure you/the recipient has the blooms by the required time as a request for a delivery time is not a guarantee. 

(Local, VIC Australia) Do you offer pick up?

We do not offer the option to pick up your order as we let our couriers and postal service do all the hard work for us and our Cartel Customers!

(Local, VIC Australia) Do you deliver on weekends?

Yes - we our Cartel Courier's do deliver on Saturdays.

However, we do not deliver on Sundays aside from special holidays such as Mother’s Day and Father's Day. \

Note - we do not work/deliver on public holidays. 

(Local, VIC Australia) Can I have flowers delivered the morning of my wedding day?

Firstly, congrats! How exciting that your day is soon approaching! If you require the flowers in the morning or at a specific time on your wedding day, we always recommend arranging for a delivery the day before to a friend, family member or neighbour whom can hand deliver the flowers at whatever time you need them the morning of your wedding day to ensure they arrive exactly when you need them. 

We do guarantee delivery on the day selected at checkout but cannot provide an exact time due to high demand for deliveries each day but will try our best to accommodate where we can. Please always contact us at to discuss your delivery time requirements for such a special day. 

Payments and Currency

Currency Note

You can choose to view prices in your local currency whilst shopping the Cartel Flowers range. 

- Please find this option:

(i) Mobile: Bottom of the page (right hand corner)

(ii) Desktop: Top of the page (right hand corner - next to the cart)

Note - All transactions are processed in $AUD at checkout. 

You will find that what has been deducted from your bank account is the amount in your local currency and not $AUD.

Do you offer any pay later options?

Yes! We offer a range of pay later payment alternatives:

- Sezzle

- ZipPay

- AfterPay

Taxes, Customs & Import Charges

All international packages are shipped with Australia Post. Once the package arrives in the country of destination the packages is transferred over to the local postal service. For example USA packages are handed over to USPS for final delivery.

**Please note that all customs duties, taxes and charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.**  


How much does personalisation cost?

Personalisation is what we are known for! 

We were the very first personalised flower box on the market worldwide!

  • Personalisation of your item will be shown during checkout. 
  • Refer to individual product pages for pricing. 
  • It ranges from complimentary - $19.95. 

I'm not sure what to put for the personalisation - can you help?

Absolutely! This is what we love to do. 

Browse our PERSONALISATION GALLERY for some ideas sorted by occasion. 

Some items have a number included in the personalisation (No._) - What should I use?

For our vase that feature our number (No.   ) design, the number is optional, but if you're wondering "what number should I use?"

...For the following occasions you could use: 

  • Generic Occasion - Inspired by the timeless Chanel No.5, going with 5 is always a classic!
  • Mother's Day - No.1 MUM, or drop the number and just have MUM Happy Mother's Day etc
  • Teacher thank you - No.1! You'll be sure your child is the teachers pet
  • Valentine's Day - No.1 Love, or drop the number and just have a NAME Happy Valentine's Day etc
  • Weddings - the abbreviated year of marriage
  • Matching Bride & Groom - No.1 Bride and No.1 Groom of course
  • Bridal party proposals - the year of the upcoming wedding, or No.1 Bridesmaid, Maid of Honour etc
  • Engagements - the year of engagement or the year of the upcoming wedding
  • Baby - first, second, third child etc; or use their abbreviated birth year
  • Birthdays - the age being celebrated, ie 1, 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60 etc
  • Anniversary - the number of years being celebrated, or the abbreviated year of marriage
  • Business - the street address shop number or go for No.1 'coz you're the best in the biz!
  • Family Surname - the number of family members

Mother's Day | Second Sunday of May

(Local, VIC Australia) Can I specify a delivery time?

As mentioned above, whilst we do guarantee delivery on Mother's Day, we can not accept any delivery time requests due to the high demand for deliveries on the 12th and 13th. We of course guarantee delivery by 5:30pm at the very latest on the delivery date selected at checkout. Please see above about receiving your blooms the day prior if they are needed by a specific time.

Can I order for a Mother's Day delivery even though it's on Sunday?

Yes! Mum's are the glue that hold everyone together so we have made special arrangements to have our couriers delivering personalised Cartel Flowers to the most important women in our lives on Mother's Day Sunday (local deliveries only). Interstate & International orders are sent via mail. 

  • Mother's Day falls on the 2nd Sunday in May each year. 

We will be extremely busy making Mum's smile on this day and will close orders once we hit capacity so get your orders in early to avoid disappointment!

If you require the flowers early in the morning on Sunday, we recommend arranging for a Saturday delivery to yourself so you can meet up with Mum and hand deliver her flowers to her on Sunday morning. We do guarantee delivery on Mother's Day but cannot provide an exact time due to high demand for deliveries so please be patient.

Surcharge - Due to a large wholesale pricing increase from our suppliers during the week of Mother's Day (cheeky we know!), there is a $9.95 surcharge on all deliveries of pink and light pink roses delivered over the days surrounding Mother's Day in May. Whilst the increase passed on to us is much larger than this amount, we have absorbed some of the cost for our Cartel Customers and are passing on a small percentage of the increase we incur. We appreciate your understanding.

How long do I have left to place an order for Mother's Day?

(i) Local VIC, Australia

- We will be closing off availability for Mother's Day weekend deliveries as soon as we hit capacity. This is always ahead of Mother's Day as well sell out in advance. We recommend getting your orders in ASAP to avoid missing out as once we close orders we will not be able to make any special arrangements for Mother's Day deliveries. 


(ii) Interstate Orders (Australia Wide)

- To ensure you order arrives by Friday 10th May all orders must be received by Thursday 2nd May. 

- Please contact us regarding any last minute orders as we may be able to assist with upgrading your delivery to express. Additional delivery charges apply. 

(iii) International/Worldwide 

- To ensure you order arrives by Friday 10th May all orders must be received by Friday 26th April. 

- Note we send all items via International Express so any orders received after this date cannot be guaranteed for delivery in time for Mother's Day. 

Valentine's Day | 14th February

Can I now order for Valentine's Day?

Yes! We are already accepting orders for Valentine's Day,  the 14th February and will be extremely busy spreading the love and romance on this day. Orders close once we sell out which happens ahead of Valentine's Day every year, so get your orders in early to avoid disappointment!


Valentine's Day - Can I specify a delivery time?

If you require the flowers early in the morning on the 14th, we recommend arranging for a delivery on the day prior on the 13th to yourself so you can gift your V-Day blooms on the 14th at any time you need to. We do guarantee delivery on Valentine's Day by 5:30pm but cannot provide an exact delivery time due to high demand for deliveries and as such we are NOT able to accommodate any delivery time requests. 

Valentine's Day - About the delivery address... PLEASE NOTE!

Please note all Valentine's Day deliveries must be delivered to a home address, workplace, or apartment building where blooms can be left in a safe place or with a concierge/receptionist should no one be home/available at the time of delivery

If upon delivery no one is home and our courier is not able to make contact with the recipient via the contact details included in the order, blooms will be sent back to the studio for delivery the following day or at a later time that suits the driver (only if possible).

V-Day Red Roses Surcharge

Surcharge - Due to a large wholesale pricing increase from all suppliers during the week of Valentine's, there is a $19.95 - $24.95 surcharge on all deliveries of red roses delivered on the days surrounding 14th Feb. Whilst the increase passed on to us is much larger than this amount, we have absorbed some of the cost for our Cartel Customers and are passing on a small percentage of the increase we incur. We appreciate your understanding.